The new season brings us a fresh new offering of Macdonald Realty luxury homes. We have a bright outlook for 2017 with our CEO Lynn Hsu providing our front line remarks on the market and our outlook.

We are delighted to present our spring edition with our cover feature from Bowen Island, a wonderful West Coast retreat perfectly situated to take in the gorgeous views and Zen atmosphere of the quiet landscape.

In this edition, in conjunction with our affiliate partners Luxury Portfolio International®, their MarketPulse® article gives a round up of wine regions of the world to invest in. From Oregon to South Africa, these are new market interests for investors and owners seeking a burgeoning market or new way of life. British Columbia’s own Okanagan Valley is included, where there is ripe opportunity for someone looking for a new venture or adventure.

Click the photo below to check it out.

*This post was originally written by the Macdonald Realty marketing team.