North East False Creek Plan Unveiled

False Creek

The City of Vancouver has unveiled it’s plan for a post-viaduct North East False Creek. This long awaited project is one of the most ambitious in the city’s history. The plan aims to integrate the natural ecosystems of False Creek while also creating public gathering spaces and connecting the downtown core to the area.

The guiding principles of the project include:

  • Reconnect the historic communities and the False Creek waterfront
  • Expand parks and open space
  • Repair the urban fabric
  • Explore housing development and place-making opportunities on the City blocks
  • Create a vibrant waterfront district
  • Increase efficiency of the street network
  • Improve connectivity between Downtown, Northeast False Creek, and the waterfront
  • Enhanced pedestrian and cyclist movement
  • Develop a fiscally responsible approach
  • Engage residents and stakeholders in a meaningful way
  • Strengthen the festival and entertainment function of the area

If you’re interested in learning more about the project, the city will be hosting a block party at Andy Livingstone Park on Saturday, June 10, or you can click the image above for a detailed map of the proposed plan.

False Creek 2 False Creek 3